Language Courses

Penn Language Center offers courses for credit in over 40 less commonly taught languages (LCTLs). Most of which are available as a two-year (four-course) sequence to fulfill the language requirement. Typically, Elementary I and Intermediate I classes are scheduled during the Fall semester, and they continue with Elementary II and Intermediate II in the Spring. Some exceptions apply. For instance, all levels of ASL are taught throughout the year, and Zulu has an elementary option for two course units in the Spring. Third year or advanced level courses are available for a small number of languages. In addition to LCTLs, Penn Language Center delivers a number of languages for a specific purpose such as business, healthcare, or law. All course offerings are subject to minimum enrollments. See our Languages page for available courses.


Course Schedules and Descriptions

Visit for current schedules and Courses A-Z to view descriptions.



Penn students may register though Path@Penn. Penn employees and non-Penn affiliates may register for courses by first enrolling as a student at the College of Liberal and Professional Studies.


Summer Courses

Except for American Sign Language, most PLC languages are not available during summer sessions. 


Online Language Courses

During the academic year, Penn Language Center courses are offered in-person, but all summer courses are delivered online. Check with Penn Language Center for online options for less commonly taught languages during the academic year.


Non-Credit Courses

At this time, Penn Language Center is not offering non-credit courses.


Requesting New Language Courses

Penn Language Center may honor students' requests for language courses not currently offered. Requests must be made at least one year in advance to allow for fiscal planning and must show a demonstrated student demand. Please email with questions.