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PLC Workshop: Role of Basic Phonetics and Phonology Training in Foreign Language Teaching and Acquisition

Sreeparna Sarkar, PhD
Mar 22, 2024 at -

Accurate pronunciation of a foreign language is a challenge most learners face right from the beginning level. The pronunciation difficulty ranges from understanding where to place the speech articulators to…

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PLC Workshop: Engaging Learners in Purposeful Written Communication

3 of 4 in the Research-Informed Teaching Practices Workshop Series
Betsy Kells, PLC Technology Director
Feb 23, 2024 at -

This workshop was designed as a follow up to the Fall 2023 workshop focused on authentic reading practices. Participants will be introduced to key concepts including Genre Theory and the Teaching-Learning Cycle in…

Three Seasons Film & Discussion with Director Tony Bùi

Presented by PLC, EALC, CEAS, VSA, and ASU
Feb 17, 2024 at -

LAC Meeting

Feb 7, 2024 at -

Members of the Language Advisory Committee will meet to share news and discuss topics related to language education at the University of Pennsylvania.