Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for an SAS Language Teaching Innovation Grant?

All foreign language lecturers as well as language program coordinators and directors at Penn (in the ranks of (Senior) LFL, Lecturer A or B, or Senior Lecturer) may apply for a grant.


What kind of proposals are appropriate?

Funding may be requested for a wide variety of activities related to language instruction, such as curricular innovation, course improvement, materials development, multimedia projects, etc.


What makes a strong proposal?

  • Contains well-articulated instructional objectives
  • Reflects a good match of your goals, skills and previous experience
  • Includes evaluation measures
  • Provides for sustainability


Who determines the awards?

Proposals will be reviewed by a sub-committee of the Language Advisory Committee.


How do I apply?

Click here for the application form. Please note that before you submit your proposal, you must ask your language coordinator to review your application.


What should I include in my proposal?

  • Brief project description (abstract)
  • Project narrative
    • Project goals
    • Justification based on review of existing or related material
    • Detailed description of activities
    • Plan of work that demonstrates feasibility of the project
    • Technology required, if any
  • Summary of relevant prior experience by applicant
  • Detailed budget with justification
    • List of line items
    • Hourly rate and estimated total number of hours for any payments to individuals
    • Titles, quantities, and prices for materials, supplies, etc.  
  • Emailed approval from your language program director/coordinator


What are the budget guidelines?

  • No individual equipment
  • No training
  • Standardized pay rates for support
    • Undergrads, basic rate: $10.00-$12.00/hr
    • Undergrads, skilled: $10.00-$15.00/hr
    • Grad students: $15.00-$20.00/hr
    • Any deviations from these guidelines should be justified by qualifications of the person
  • Compensation for grantees may be awarded at the conclusion of the grant


Do I need an IRB review?

If you are conducting human research, you may need an IRB. Please go to the website of the Institutional Review Board for details.


Whom should I contact for more information about my project ideas or proposal?

For help with a project ideas, please contact:

  • Christina Frei, Academic Director

For general questions, please contact:

  • Thi Vuong Poerner, Administrative Coordinator
  • Lada Vassilieva, Administrative Director