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Is AI changing the way we teach and learn languages? And how? In this workshop we will explore the intersection of AI, language and culture learning, and critical thinking. Through interactive discussions and hands-on activities, attendants will learn to leverage AI tools for deeper linguistic and cultural insights, promoting a critical ethical and responsible use of AI tools.

Reception to follow. RSVP appreciated. This is an in-person only event. 


Tania Convertini is a Research Assistant Professor of Italian language and culture at Dartmouth College, where she also directs the Italian Language Program. Her research areas include language and digital pedagogy, film and media studies, and intercultural education. She has multiyear experience leading study abroad programs and has published in the field of international education. Her publications include also articles on the pedagogical use of film and technology in language classrooms and critical readings of movies, television shows, and literary texts. Her recent book (Edizioni Anicia, 2024) explores the work of the Italian educator, humanist, and television host Alberto Manzi and the role of Italian educational television in the 1960s.