World Languages Exhibit

The PLC World Languages Exhibit in Williams Café serves as a showcase for student work and student activities in the foreign language courses, departments, and centers at the University of Pennsylvania. The purpose of these exhibits is twofold: the inclusion of several languages in every exhibit showcases the vast range, variety, and diversity of languages and cultures taught at Penn. Organized by themes, the exhibits underscore the commonalities and the interconnectedness among cultures and languages as well as the language learning process.

If you would like more information or need assistance in selecting materials, please feel free to contact any of the PLC World Languages Exhibit committee members:


Inaugural Exhibit: Coffee & Tea
Deadline for submissions: February 1, 2018


What to submit:
1.  Visual and Textual Artifacts:
Please select visual and textual artifacts that were produced by students or involve student activity from your language classes or extracurricular events that revolve around the theme of “Coffee & Tea”. Possible items include but are not limited to:

  • Examples of visual materials:
    • photos of classroom interactions
    • still frames of students produced videos
    • photos of in-class blackboard work
    • photos of student gatherings
    • small/light objects
  • Examples of textual materials:    
    • realia used in class (restaurant menus, ballot papers, etc.)
    • student writing (dialogues, reflections, poems, etc.)

2.  Information about Artifacts:

In 2 or 3 sentences, please describe the content and/or occasion of your artifact.

3.  Student Permission:
Please submit a signed permission form from all students who are featured in visual materials or whose written materials have been selected for submission.


How to submit:
Please submit appropriate items (picture or document files) through this form. If you would like to submit original documents, we can arrange pick up for the exhibit.