Yiwola Awoyale

Yiwola has actively participated in the teaching and planning of the Yoruba language for many years, both at the university and national levels. He holds a full-time position as a senior researcher at Penn's Linguistic Data Consortium where his aim is to prepare an electronic database for a modern dictionary of the Yoruba language. Yiwola joined the LDC on sabbatical leave from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria where he is Professor and Head of Department of Linguistics and Nigerian Languages.

Office Hours
By appointment
  • PhD in Linguistics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1974
Courses Taught
  • YORB 0100 Elementary Yoruba I
  • YORB 0200 Elementary Yoruba II
  • YORB 0300 Intermediate Yoruba I
  • YORB 0400 Intermediate Yoruba II
  • YORB 1100 Advanced Yoruba I
  • YORB 1200 Advanced Yoruba II
Selected Publications
  • Works at the Linguistic Data Consortium, UPENN, on an electronic multilingual dictionary of Yoruba-English-English-Yoruba; Gullah-English-Yoruba; Lukumi-Spanish-English-Yoruba; Trinidad-Yoruba-English-Yoruba; Anago-Portuguese-English-Yoruba dictionary of Yoruba ideophones