Milind Ranade

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Lecturer in Marathi

Milind has been teaching Hindi and Marathi at various universities in the Philadelphia area since 2004. He is currently an adjunct instructor of Hindi at Temple University, where he teaches Hindi Elements I and II, and Hindi Intermediate I and II. He is also an instructor of Marathi at the University of Pennsylvania, where he teaches Elementary and Intermediate Marathi. He has also taught Hindi at the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, the University of Sciences, and STARTALK Hindi and Urdu Program at Princeton New Jersey. He enjoys teaching and he is passionate about sharing his knowledge of Hindi and Marathi with his students. Cartooning, agriculture and gardening, cooking are his interests.

In 2015, Milind was the recipient of the Penn Language Center Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Language Educator.

Office Hours
By appointment

B.S. Zoology

Courses Taught
  • MRTI 0100/5100 Elementary Marathi I
  • MRTI 0200/5200 Elementary Marathi II
  • MRTI 0300/5300 Intermediate Marathi I
  • MRTI 0400/5400 Intermediate Marathi II