Mika (Dimitra) Tsekoura

Official Title: 
Lecturer of Modern Greek


  • Boston Language Center
  • Greek School for children at Greek Churches in Arlington and Cambridge Mass
  • NYU Intensive summer course in Modern Greek
  • University of Pennsylvania since 1999
  • Private tutoring in the USA and Greece


  • To help people learn the Greek language and culture, and enjoy the experience in the process.
  • To incorporate technology in order to improve and facilitate the language learning.

Other Interests:

  • Cooking and history of food
  • Fine arts, traveling, archeology
  • M.A., Communications and Media Production, Boston University, Boston
  • Univeristy of Athens Law School , Greece
  • Arsakeion High School for Girls, Athens, Greece
Courses Taught: 


  • GREK-015-680 & 016-680  Beginners (2 semesters):  Study of Modern Greek language, designed for students with no knowledge of Modern Greek.  The course is designed to develop elementary reading and writing skills, oral and written expression as well as  listening and reading  comprehension.
  • GREK–017-680 & 018-680  Intermediate (2 semesters):  This course is designed for students with an elementary knowledge of Demotic Modern Greek, or those that completed the Beginners level and aims mainly at further developing oral expression, reading and writing skills with the use of original text.  Basic grammar instructions combined with simple dialogues of everyday exchanges and basic vocabulary of topics like introductions, family, weather, everyday living, vacations, health etc. Use of a main book, short story book, a cartoon book, pod casts, songs and other audiovisual material to bring the modern Greek life into the classroom.
  • GREK- 115-680 & 116-680 Heritage Speakers (Advanced):  This course was designed to accommodate Heritage Speakers that have had prior knowledge of Greek and cannot fit into the other two levels.  Review of Grammar, in combination with an assortment of original text from books, short story books, stories from Greek Mythology, a cartoon book, songs, poetry, documentaries and film and other audiovisual material pertaining to contemporary Greek culture and everyday life.