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This course is for students with an advanced background in Japanese, who are interested in taking at least the Level 2 Japanese Proficiency Test. Solid grammar, an extensive vocabulary, and the knowledge of at least 800-900 Chinese characters is required. This course is not continuous with any existing 300-level Japanese course; therefore, your grade from a 300-level course does not qualify you to take this course. Eligibility will be determined through an interview and placement test taken in the first meeting. All students who take this course are required to take the Japanese Proficiency Test in December. Since the JLPT is administered in December every year, if you wish to fully prepare for the test, the instructor strongly recommends that you take JPAN 482 first in the spring of the same year. For example, if you plan to take the test in December, 2010, start taking 482 in the spring 2010 and take 481 in the fall 2010. Different from other courses, this full-year course begins in the spring and ends in the fall, because the test is given in December. However, participation in 482 is optional.
Section 680 - LEC
TR 0430PM-0630PM