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Sudan is a country with a rich history and diverse cultures and people. Sudan is surrounded by nine countries. Two of Sudan's neighbors have Arabic as their official language (Egypt & Libya). Also, in neighboring Chad and Eritrea, Arabic is widely spoken. The only barrier that divides Sudan from Arabia is the Red Sea. Arabic is the official language of the Sudan, and Sudanese pidgin Arabic (Juba Arabic) is widely used in the southern part of the country. Sudanese colloquial Arabic has close resemblance to Egyptian Colloquial Arabic and to Classical Arabic. Sudanese Colloquial Arabic is mutually intelligible with Arabic dialects spoken in Eritrea, Chad, and Nigeria. This course will focus on the following four language skills: 1- Speaking: Conversing in Sudanese Arabic in various contexts. 2- Reading & Writing: Reading and writing of Sudanese Arabic texts. 3- Listening: Listening to various audio recordings of Sudanese Arabic in different forms and settings.
Section 680 - LEC