Elementary Indonesian

Beginning in Fall 2012, Penn Language Center will offer Elementary Indonesian I. For more details, please contact the instructor, Lusi McKinley.

Elementary Indonesian is designed for both beginners and those who may have some previous experience with the language. This introductory course will focus on developing and using the four foundational language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) in a communicative format. Students will develop not only their ability to use and understand contemporary Indonesian, but also their knowledge of Indonesian history, culture and the powerful human and natural forces that have shaped and continue to drive change across this massive island archipelago of 17,000+ islands at the heart of Asia’s maritime crossroads. 

Reasons to Study

  • Spoken by over 250 million people; 7th most widely spoken language in the world
  • Most commonly spoken language of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei
  • A national language of Singapore
  • Economic importance; largest economy in Southeast Asia
  • Important for various reasearch areas including history, anthropology, geology, Islamic studies, environmental studies and international development
  • Easy to learn: Latin alphabet, no tenses, no declinations, easy plural forms

Course Details



1 CU

680 LEC




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