Beginning Tibetan offered Spring 2014

Penn Language Center is excited to add another language to its vast course offerings. Beginning Tibetan will explain the fundamentals of the modern Tibetan language in its literary and spoken forms. Students will develop the ability to read the Tibetan script and identify and analyze Tibetan grammatical forms.  Students will also learn conversational Tibetan, and be introduced to the structure of spoken grammar and its pronunciation. This class will provide a foundation for reading Tibetan literature, both classical and modern, and for speaking Tibetan, a language that lives in Tibet and in diaspora communities around the globe. Learning the fundamentals of Tibetan language in this class will open a window into a rich and colorful culture, the unique culture of Tibet.

This course is scheduled to meet on Tuesdays and Thursday from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM starting January 16, 2014. Beginning Tibetan I can be found on the registrar's website listed under EALC-130 680. Non-Penn affiliates can enroll through the College of Liberal and Professional Studies to register for the course.

Download the flyer here.