Tigrinya, also spelled Tigrigna, Tigrnia, Tigrina, Tigriña, less commonly Tigrinian, Tigrinyan, is a Semitic language spoken in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia (its speakers there are called "Tigrawot, Tegaru") by the Tigrinya people, where it has official status, and in central Eritrea, where it is one of the two main languages of Eritrea, and among groups of emigrants from these regions, including some of the Beta Israel now living in Israel. Tigrinya should not be confused with the related Tigre language, which is spoken in the lowland regions in Eritrea to the north and west of the region where Tigrinya is spoken.

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  • TIGR 0100 Elementary Tigrinya I
  • TIGR 0200 Elementary Tigrinya II
  • TIGR 0300 Intermediate Tigrinya I
  • TIGR 0400 Intermediate Tigrinya II
  • TIGR 1100 Advanced Tigrinya I
  • TIGR 1200 Advanced Tigrinya II

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