Pashto is one of the national languages of Afghanistan (Dari Persian is the other), and it is the home language of Pashtuns living in the Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan, as well as of those living in Baluchistan (Iran and Pakistan). Major Pashto-speaking cities include Afghanistan's Qandahar, Jalal Abad, and Kabul, as well as Peshawar in Pakistan. There are 8 million speakers of Pashto in Afghanistan (45% of the population) and almost 9 million in Pakistan (13% of the population). Pashto is one of the East Iranian group of languages. There are two major dialects of Pashto: Western Pashto, spoken in Afghanistan and in the capital, Kabul; and Eastern Pashto, spoken in northeastern Pakistan. Most speakers of Pashto speak these two dialects. Two other dialects are also distinguished: Southern Pashto, spoken in Baluchistan (western Pakistan and eastern Iran) and in Kandahar, Afghanistan; and Central Pashto spoken in northern Pakistan (Wazirstan).

Source: Yamada Language Center, University of Oregon


Course Offerings

  • PASH 0100 Elementary Pashto I
  • PASH 0200 Elementary Pashto II
  • PASH 0300 Intermediate Pashto I
  • PASH 0400 Intermediate Pashto II

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