Indigenous Knowledge & Culture Course

Friday, July 1, 2022 (All day)

Penn Language Center in collaboration with our EPIC partners are pleased to offer a 4-week, non-credit online course on Indigenous Knowledge and Culture beginning this Thursday, July 1st.

About the Course
Welcome to Indigenous Knowledge and Culture, a short non-credit course intended for students to preview cultural products, practices and perspectives of represented indigenous tribes. Each week, you will meet a different instructor who will introduce you to new cultural and linguistic concepts that will help you to engage with traditions of knowledge found in Indigenous communities.

There will be optional synchronous Zoom sessions to allow for more interaction with your course instructors and classmates. If you are unable to attend, you can watch the video recording and participate on your own time. Otherwise, the course has been designed to allow you to move at your own pace each week.

What You'll Gain
You will interact with the materials provided for you in multimodal formats, such as reading an article or watching a video. You will also reflect on what you have learned each week by answering reflection questions to develop intercultural competence and inspire lively discussion board conversations.

Who Should Enroll?
Anyone who is looking to learn more about Indigenous Knowledge & Culture as it pertains to visual representations, cultural practices, repatriation, and discovery knowledge as a lived practice which represents a long intellectual tradition.

Additional Details & Registration
Visit Penn Online Learning for additional details and to register. A discount code is available for those who would like to waive the registration fee. Please email thivuong@sas.upenn.edu for more information.