Generative Play: Teaching and Learning with AI

Friday, November 10, 2023 - 10:00am - 11:30am
WILL 440

How can careful, intentional, work with AI make room for meaningful teaching and learning? Why foreground play in this practice? Together, we'll explore these and other questions that invite us to foster generative play in our classrooms. Worldbuilding is welcome; critical curiosity is encouraged.

Dr. Clayton Colmon, Director of Curriculum Design for the Arts and Sciences Online Learning team at Penn, works with instructors to conceptualize, create, and support educational experiences. Clay also adapts his instructional design approach to meet individual pedagogical needs. He received his BA in English and political science, with honors, from Rutgers University and holds a PhD in English from the University of Delaware. Clay’s work lives at the intersection of critical race, gender, queer, and utopian studies, as he examines technology’s impact on queer communities of color, creative knowledge-work, and social change. He has presented and published scholarship on queer afrofuturism, digital pedagogy, dystopic urban spaces, and critical worldbuilding.

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